How Much Exercise Is Ideal For A Young Puppy?

One of the main questions new puppies owners have after bringing the new puppy home, is how much exercise the little dog needs. In order to find the right answer to this question, you need to consider a few important key factors about the body of your puppy.

First you need to know that the ossification process in a young dog is still in process. This means that the bones are still soft and the joints are not fully developed. Second, you need to keep in mind that the muscles of the puppy are not strong enough for lengthy exercises. In addition to the muscular system, the heart and the lungs of the young puppy are still very small and this means they cannot withstand long walks or lengthy exercises.

So this brings us to what is the right amount of exercise for a young puppy?

In the first 2 weeks, the puppy should not have any additional exercise. Running and playing around the house and yard will give him plenty of opportunity to use his body. Once the pet hits 12 weeks, you can take him for short walks of ten minutes and no longer. Also, do not take the puppy to dog parks until he has completed vaccinations to protect him form infectious diseases. Many pet owners overlook these rules and end up being surprised when the puppies get diagnosed with some kind of disease.

Well, of course a puppies body develops faster compared to that of a human baby and this is due to the fact that canine species have a shorter lifespan. However, you still need to take extra care with your puppy as it needs to grow and mature over time.

As your pet grows older and bigger, you can gradually increase the amount of exercise they get. At the age of six months, 2-3, 45-minute walks should be fine. Again, you need you to take care of the young puppy by not letting him rough house with the bigger youngsters due to the risk of being injured.

To avoid damage to the pet’s joints and bones, running up and down the stairs should ideally be limited. When it comes to the health of your young pet, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you are a loving and a dedicated pet owner, by following this simple advice, you will be able to make your little puppy healthier and happier.


About the Author: Jay Barfield is founder and director of Double Bar K-9 Academy in Sylvester, Georgia.   Jay is an accomplished Trainer as well as a Behavior Specialist.  You can contact him at


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