Fun Sports Activities You Can Do With Your Dog

Staying fit is more fun when it is done with family members, dog included. Your dog needs his fair share of fun and should be encouraged to stay fit. What better way to help your dog stay healthy and fit than to take him out for a fun day of activities in the park. Here are some of the activities you and your dog can enjoy doing in an open space.


It may be a childish game, but it is enjoyed by both the young and old. Throwing a Frisbee is a fun activity that also tests our agility and coordination, and it will do the same for your dog. You dog will just go crazy with loads of fun as he runs after the Frisbee as it flies and then leaps up in the air to snag the disc. This is more of a catch and retrieve game you will also enjoy playing.


You should consider getting your dog accustomed to water before thinking of taking him along with you for a swim. The public pool will be off limits for the dog, but the lake at the park or the river will be a nice place to take your dog if he loves water. The beach is also a beautiful place to take him; you can go there and toss a Frisbee as you also enjoy a swim with him.


Agility events are now a common thing for many dog owners. They all strive to teach their dog a thing or two that sharpness the dog’s body and mind. The dog will need to learn how to move over, across, and through various obstacles with or without your help. This will be a fun thing to do especially in a park where both of you visit frequently.


Most sports will have your dog on his feet run and jumping. However, you can still engage him in running as an independent sport. Most dogs love the outdoors and will enjoy running around in the park. You can opt to go for a bicycle ride in the park or a jog and let your dog accompany you.

Other fun activities that may or may not be a form of sport and you and your dog can enjoy include dancing, fly ball, hide and seek, hiking, carting, hunting and high jumping among others.


About the Author: Jay Barfield is founder and director of Double Bar K-9 Academy in Sylvester, Georgia.   Jay is an accomplished Trainer as well as a Behavior Specialist.  You can contact him at

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